I am a visual artist based in Tipperary, Ireland. Using plants & soils, found lichens & bones to create inks and paints, I allow myself the time to roam, forage and gather not only the materials but also the thought lines from which mark making and small sculptures occur. Very often in the privacy of the studio, I find myself speaking to the materials in my hands. The work, likewise is a conversation. Between place and material at its most basic and between histories and futures at its most imagined. I enjoy immensely the joining of notions of deep time and future time. We have trajectories for each, but we remain apart from both and always will do as that is their nature and ours.

These are the roots of the narration in this work. 

“My work is an open dialogue between materials of place and maker.

Through dealing with native organic compounds and soils, I undertake to respond in a process that explores and embodies the human/ landscape relationship, real and imagined.”




2021 | Solo exhibition, The Narrow Space, Co. Tipperary September-October

2021 | Lili Gallery, Co. Cork * upcoming autumn/winter show *

2021 | Pigments Revealed Symposium, online group show

2019 | Association of Illustrators Group Expo. Huxley Arches, London

2010 | Black Sassy Arts Collective Annual group exhibition. Hobart, Tasmania. [work on paper]

2010 | Waltz. Group exhibition. Glo, Tasmania. [work on paper]

2002 | Group sculpture exhibition in Art Gallery Hengelo, The Netherlands


2021 | History of Natural Colour in an Irish Context - Talk at ParkOwen, Cork City as part of Green Spaces for Health and Artists in the Community Scheme, The Arts Council

2021 | Wild Pigment People - Artist Spotlight

2021 | Natural Colour Talk and workshop series with South Tipp Arts Centre - Connect Create Inspire series supported by Tipperary Arts Office

2020 | Culture Night - History of Natural Colour Talk


2021 | Agility Award, The Arts Council of Ireland

2021 | Tipperary Arts Office funding


2021 | The Irish Times Magazine, What's hot list!

2020 | The Late Late Show, RTE. Local business special

2020 | The Echo artist interview

2020 | West Cork People artist feature


2002 | BA Fine Art | Aki Academy of Art & Design, Netherlands

2001 | Diploma in Fine Art | Crawford College of Art & Design, Ireland